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BeProud was renamed on on July 17th, 2014 as The Chahal Foundation to broaden its scope. It is a fully registered 501(c)3 non-profit. This date is no ordinary. Gurbaksh Singh Chahal, the founder of the organization was born on this date and it was his gift to the world to continue forward his legacy. As the foundation has spanned across the globe, Gurbaksh has continued to lead the mission with five core goals in mind for the foundation: creating awareness of social causes, university scholarships and mentorships, supporting disaster relief efforts, improving schools in third world countries, and to build awareness to eradicate child sex trafficking. Learn more about the man himself and all his accomplishments at

 The Chahal Foundation’s Beginning

During several interviews with Gurbaksh Chahal and his ground team, they came to find many people from all walks of life, have been helped indirectly with the effects of their contributions. One of the principles of The Chahal foundation is to aim to provide and ensure every child’s basic right to be educated is available to them. On several occasions, Gurbaksh Chahal himself has been known to go to schools, underprivileged shelters and community centers to voice his belief and vision to create communities across the globe, where every child has a venue to dream big and then follow his/her heart to achieve that dream. Gurbaksh has been known to large communities together, and strive to solves challenges that are hindering our childrens’ educations. He doesn’t just talk the talk, but walks the walk too. He has set up several school funds and student scholarships across the globe: US, UK, Africa and India. On a regular basis, students benefit from his personal generosity and contribution, through he hopes to enrich their lives and give opportunity. More so, Gurbaksh constantly supports and enriches entrepreneurs like him through his motivational blog, where he gives tips and advice on the things that drove him to his success.

To those the foundation helps, Gurbaksh urges them ‘to become the change we want to be in this world’. No student is ever asked to repay the generous donations toward their welfare. Instead, Gurbaksh has routinely encouraged all of his students to pay it forward through mentorships, be it on an individual or one person at a time. When Gurbaksh was asked, what inspires him to let people make the change they seek. He is known toreply with a simple quote from Steve Jobs, to whom he credits to be one of his mentors.“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

The Chahal Foundation Initiatives

In India, the Chahal Foundation has launched a new campaign known as “Let’s make our kids smile.” In an interview, Gurbaksh shared his thought of starting this campaign. In a conference, he highlighted the fact that India has 440 million children. Of these, over 180+ million students, lack proper education. He posed the question, “how can India lead, if we as a community can’t take care of our future?” Gurbaksh Chahal further highlighted the major cause as to why kids don’t finish school in India. He highlighted that many schools lacked the basic facilities that most people take for granted such as: playgrounds, libraries, and nutritious meals. Too many kids already come to school hungry and then leave hungry. Gurbaksh further posed the question, “how can an empty stomach learn?” Among other things brought to surface, he also shared that millions of girls drop out each year, because most schools don’t have proper individual toilets for them. Gurbaksh finished addressing the conference, by highlighting the tough conditions our children are facing and asked the community to unite and stand for the cause. Of course, known for not just ‘speech giving’, Gurbaksh Chahal and his family were the first to set up generous funds to mitigate this issue.

Welfare for children is a major focus of the Chahal Foundation. Not only does this foundation provide means to proper and safe schooling, but address the issue of child labor – often an issue that is ignored. For millions of children across the globe, education is an impossible dream. Many children end up being part of the workforce at an early age to support their families. Some statistics peg this workforce to be around 15+ million child workers in India alone, although governmental numbers are often erred on the low side. UNICEF estimates that India has the highest number of laborers in the world under the age of 14, and many toil in hazardous jobs. Gurbaksh Chahal Foundation aimed to address this issue when they created their slogan: “Save the future. Share hope. Share a dream. Make them smile. Make a difference”.


No matter what we look like, where we live, or how much or little we have, it’s the one thing we all share. Our individual beliefs may be different, but the dream of happiness and a better life links us all. This dream includes knowing that we are free to be who we are without fear. The BeProud movement is about turning that dream into reality. It transcends race, gender, culture, and religion. It will forever change how we see one another.

The BeProud campaign was launched on November 11th, 2012 across national TV and across social media. Many celebrities including Deepak Chopra, Jay Sean, and The Nelson Mandela Family also joined the movement to end hate.


Each year, The Chahal Foundation donates multiple scholarships to encourage the importance of education and learning within higher education. “The Chahal Entrepreneurial Endowed Scholarship” is given to those who look to pursue their degree within entrepreneurial studies at Pace University.

To apply for this scholarship send an email to [email protected]

lets make our kids smile

India has 440 million children. There are 187 million students who lack proper education. Many of them lack the basic facilities that we take for granted…playgrounds, libraries, and meals, for instance. Too many kids go hungry. Many of the schools don’t even have toilets for girls, causing millions of girls to drop out each year. It’s a life most can’t fathom.

For millions of children, education is an impossible dream. Instead they are put to work at an early age. Official statistics tell us that there are more than 12 million child workers in India. Many NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) estimate that the actual figure could be as high as 60 million. That’s almost twice the population of Canada. UNICEF estimates that India has the highest number of laborers in the world under the age of 14, and many toil in hazardous jobs.

Save the future. Share hope. Share a dream. Make them smile. Make a difference.

The Story of Gurbaksh Chahal

Gurbaksh Singh Chahal was born in Punjab, India. He moved to the US with his family at a young age. While his family endured struggles, as all immigrants do, his relentless pursuit to create new business led him to the world of digital advertising. He started his career at the age of 16. He himself at first dropped out of high school. Since then, Gurbaksh has not only strived to continue his education but also was awarded an honorary degree from Pace University in 2010.

Gurbaksh Chahal is a successful entrepreneur of four companies: ClickAgents, BlueLithium, RadiumOne and now CEO of Gravity4, part of his global conglomerate G4 Holdings Worldwide. Each of these companies he founded from scratch and grew to thousands of jobs worldwide. Of the four, two companies he started from his family’s home in the United States. Given his successful entrepreneurial success, Gurbaksh was invited to the Oprah Winfrey Show, an honor only so few Indians men and women have had.

Gurbaksh Chahal understands the importance of education in every child’s life. Being an entrepreneur, who grew up in the Silicon Valley, he also has seen the broken school systems of not only in his homeland India, but also in the United States. While Gurbaksh himself stated on several occasions that growing up, he was on the introvert side, he has since grown to embody a powerful voice in the community, speaking up what he believes in and proving to be a passionate and inspiring leader. Gurbaksh sponsors various events to promote the younger generation to learn more about technology. This is something Gurbaksh not only does for the United States’ needy institutions, but across the globe. Across the major cities, in developing countries, several school and centers have benefited from Gurbaksh Chahal Foundation’s generous donation of computers, and setup of complete lab rooms. Furthermore, students have been provided with new technologies to not just learn to code, but to draw and become artists. Gurbaksh wholeheartedly believes every child has the right to dream their own unique future for themselves. He has said, “not every child is going to become a programmer, doctor, or engineer. And that is ok. We need artists in this world too!”  

Gurbaksh Chahal and his family have long continued to support the foundation’s core fundamental task of ensuring all children have a happy and safe environment to grow up in. Aside from the setting up labs, computer centers and refurbishing schools, the Chahal foundation has setup stipends and scholarships for children of single parents as well.

Anyone of Gurbaksh Chahal’s net worth can do multitude of things. However, this entrepreneur has not stopped at creating four companies and thousands of jobs. But, his much relentless pursuit to create new products, cutting edge technology, and inspire people leads him to now venture to new verticals. Most recently, Gurbaksh Chahal ventured into the natural energy challenge and to provide affordable medicine through his pharmaceutical venture through his global conglomerate. Gurbaksh has proven yet again, love is to be shared, his insights are profound and his strength has a clear sense of direction and purpose.

For countless people that follow Gurbaksh Chahal on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites are daily inspired by his inspiring blogs. Gurbaksh Chahal’s most inspiring quote, has been “If you genuinely want something, don’t wait for it – teach yourself to be impatient”.

What a fitting quote for a genuinely inspiring guy, who embraces every opportunity to lead positive change in the world at large! Of course, one only needs to do a search on this quote to see many memes have been created & countless people that Gurbaksh inspires through his blogs, Facebook, Twitter and various other social medium platforms.

Being an avid entrepreneur, and a well-informed leader, Gurbaksh Chahal is also an inspiring author. He has written an international bestseller autobiography, “The Dream” which has now become a required reading in universities across the globe. Chahal also regularly contributes as the author of BeLimitless, his motivational blogging platform.  

It is but an awe-inspiring to think what does it take for an individual to rise from nothing, have strong sense of purpose in life and continue to take a lead to forge a path ahead – not only for himself but to rally the community behind and inspire others to uplift for a positive change! For Gurbaksh Chahal, his response is simple: “I am not only blessed to be in a position to help the community I live in, but the Chahal Foundation also gives me an enormous sense of purpose. It is rewarding to see us overcome our greatest challenge – to ensure our future generation is safe and educated.”

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